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Accueil cerfs-volants.

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Welcome !

Building a kite is great, making it fly is better !

Cerfs-volants, aquiloni, cometas, drachen or just kites in English, besides the construction of kites here are other aspects of a kite fyer's life, in particular his face (Trombinioscope - Face book), the kite meetings in which he participates (Calandar) and the reports photos or video which constitute good memories and which are available via a collection of posters (Posters).

The trombinoscope - face book :

Oh yes I know him, I met him last year, may be he is...?? But you, do you know him?

To answer to these questions and to help Kite flyers to know each other we set up a trombinoscope (Facebook). Every Kite flyer is welcome whatever his spéciality is, a form of registration is available but you can just send us a mail with your photo.
You can also take advantage of meeting us on a festival to
join the trombinoscope.

The calendar :

I never know when a kite meeting occurs?

Kite flyer or fascinated by kites, an international calendar is at your disposal, no calendar can be complete also we count on you, organizers, and on all kite flyers to indicate us any kite meeting by e-mail or whith the use of this form of registration.

An entry to the calendar is more visible if this one is associated with a poster, do not hesitate to send us this poster by e-mail or by using this form.

An effective calendar is a calendar held up to date, we count on you all to indicate us any error or change of dates!

Posters :

I saw the poster of the festival but I do not know any more where, how to find the reports photos of this kite meeting?

We maintain a "collection" of posters, it is very interesting to see how a poster evolves withe the time, some are very beautiful, they constitute an heritage which we wish to share and to group together for a better accessibility.

For every poster we try hard to associate links towards the organizing web site and towards the reports photos or video, you can contribute to the enrichment of this information by indicating us interesting links.

We are interested in any poster relative to the kite, if the electronic form of the current posters facilitates the exchanges it is not the same with the a little bit former posters which are only available on paper, if you have it in your stocks we would be happy to receive photos or scans of it by e-mail or via this form.

We stay listening to yourself and we wait with pleasure for the moment to meet you on a flying field.

Good wind!

Please indicate us any mistake.


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